This is the personal webpage of JD Kiser. I am the proud father of two three beautiful children. I used to make music, but now I fix computers for people. I have been to many countries across Europe, Asia, and the Western Hemisphere and have lived out of a single bag. I have served in two wars, or one war on two fronts. I enjoy cold weather, late baroque and early classical music, weightlifting, and being in the woods.



Genealogy - Work in progress, currently on hold. I have not been back to Germanton since 2017 and have many sites to cover. The the work from 1769 - 1918 has already been done, and is well documented in the 1981 Publication, "Stokes County Heritage - Volume I." Family names include Buchen, Rippel, Fessler, Tuttle. I am writing the story of the 1918 - present family story. Family names here include Garner, Henning, Wallace. We just celebrated one hundred years in our current location, avoiding concrete culture and trying to rebuild what once was.
Computers - Moved here.


The only rights you have are the rights you can defend.

The only things you own are the things you can carry.

I am self-censoring the filosofia section these days. My writings and beliefs are well-established. I am satisfied that I have made an impact when like-minded people start (unknowingly) throwing around phrases that I came up with in another venue. In the past, I have written on Buddhism's Influence on the establishment of Christianity; Proto Indo-European Religious Influence on the Modern Church; the Scofield Reference Bible's Impact on the rejection of Nationalism and the rise of Communist China; and Parallels with the Modern-day Spread of Islam into Europe and the rise of Christianity in Early Europe.


From 1999 until 2003, I was in a small-time band. In 2003 our drummer unexpectedly died, and I joined the military. Our guitarist was in legal trouble and no longer in contact after a ((cringeworthy on both sides)) falling out in December 2004. I no longer play any musical instruments since 2017, as the music industry is trash, the lifestyle is degenerate trash, the people are trash, and the music is mostly noisy trash.


  • Max out your 401(k). It may seem like I waste a lot of money on computers, but not before maxing out my 401(k) and Roth IRA's for myself and my wife. If you have the option, buy the index and hold. Recommended reading: Falling Short: The Coming Retirement Crisis and What to Do About It.
  • If you have children, invest in a 529 plan. Part of the conundrum of being a high-middle class wage earner is that I will be expected to contribute a higher percentage towards my children's university tuition. While the year over year cost of tuition outpaces the stock market, at least you can do something to contribute towards your child's future. Do not burden them with debt as soon as they graduate; let them start with as close to a clean slate as possible so that they can invest in their retirement plans.
  • If you don't have a specific reason to buy an Android device, buy Apple. With Apple products (iPhone, iPad), you will get several years of security updates as well as access to the widest range of aftermarket accessories and support. As of 2019, Apple still provides timely security updates for phones released in 2012, almost seven years ago. Compare with most Android manufacturers which may get a single major update over its lifespan and maybe a year's worth of security backports. These are no longer phones; they are pocket computers which contain our most sensitive personal and financial data. Saving a few bucks on the Android phone is not worth the hassle of potential identity theft because the manufacturer decided to stop supporting the device after six months.
  • Don't use Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Reddit. Use Free Software where possible. Be independent, have an open mind, and refuse services that implement censorship/shadowbanning. They are a direct assault on free speech.


  • Absolute FreeBSD, 3rd Edition. Catching up on what I've missed out on since I switched to OpenBSD a decade ago.
  • Paganism Explained, Part IV: Valholl & Odinn in Yggdrasill. The latest installment.
  • The 21st North Carolina Infantry: A Civil War History. Another family history volume.
  • This page shamelessly written in vi. I have no HTML skills.

    Last Updated: 2019-02-23